Reflection on the essence of a human being

Why am I what I am? Could I be different? These are the questions that everybody asks now and then and would like to have a satisfactory answer to. It is quite possible that the reader, while reading this booklet, gets a clear vision and a new perspective on himself/herself and his/her relation to others.If the idea of "becoming yourself" manages to impose itself, things could change for the better and improve social interactions.

This book is divided in three parts.

1. I have become what I am

2. Could I be held responsible for "being myself"?

3. The advantages that arise from the idea defended from the atheistic and religious point of viewsjects

The reader will find new ways of thinking about one of the most important subjects.

The question and its answer here is to know whether our oscilla interactions could be based on a wrong image of God and men. The jurisdiction is also brought to light asking whether "fair judgements" are still possible. This is a book about life and wrote for life. This is an invitation for all to see ourselves and others through a different perspective. Those who read the book carefully, think about it and is able to process it will gain the greatest benefit for oneself and their relationships to others. This book was mainly written in the first person in the hope that every now and then the reader will recognize himself in the "I".

Unfortunately, this book only exists in German under the title "Akzeptanz meines Sogewordenseins?"