The end of human civilisation or a long-term world peace

More and more people are wondering what the further course of world history could be. For many, the apocalypse is already setting up. Viewed from a worldwide historical perspective, it could indeed come to the final annihilation of humanity - and even very soon. Only an illumination which leads to the knowledge of a realistic image of man and for believers moreover to a more realistic image of Yahweh, Allah, God and the acceptance of the universal norm as ethical standard could initiate a causal connection which prevents the ride into the abyss and which would lead to a completely new world order. Only after its entry into force can the long-awaited total disarmement be expected. The explanations in this book show how mankind's dream could become true.

The content

I. The history of the world shaped by religions, ideologies and philosophies
II. Reasons for the failure of a permanent world peace solution
III. Reasonable proposals which could help us find a way out of the dilemma
IV. A modern political domestic system
V Pursuing a meaningful foreign policy
VI. Disaster of the political history of mankind
VII. Politic of security - politic of peace
VIII. A stable order of world peace

Unfortunately, this book only exists in German under the title "Das Ende der menschlichen Zivilisation oder ein dauerhafter Weltfriede"