Illuminating Talks about our Image of Man

After various group talks, friends respecting various points of view debate on a subject, which in living memory, never lost of its essence. In doing so, they discover something astonishing in which their world of thoughts and emotions are gradually captured. After all, they are convinced that the knowlege they have acquired could not only benefit the individual himself and his relationship with others, but also the whole social life and beyond. Every reader will already find his own opinion in the first round of talks and will take part in the discussion in his own thoughts. We are talking about a topic affecting everyone, that is why everybody should think it through at least once in their lifetime.

Table of contents

First group talk

Definition of free will - arguments for and against the existence of free will - a possible solution for the problem

Second group talk

Our inner drives - being like that - could the absence of free will be accepted from a philosophical and biological point of view?

Third group talk

How the absence of free will could be defended from the theological point of view

Fourth group talk

Consequences of the assumption of the absence of free will on social behaviours in society and in the international community - a new legal system

Unfortunately, this book only exists in German under the title "Freier Wille - ein Trugschluss?"